2015 East Tennessee History Day

Welcome to the 14th Annual East Tennessee History Day
Carolyn P. Brown University Center, University of Tennessee Friday, March 6, 2015

Presented by the East Tennessee Historical Society and the University of Tennessee Department of History. Thanks also to our presenting sponsors Jenny and Randy Boyd and Steve A. South.

ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 1, New for 2015--teachers are required to register by January 15.
Note to NHD students, teachers, and parents: 
All participating students (along with a sponsoring teacher) must register online to compete at East Tennessee History Day. Register on this page by clicking the "Begin Registration" icon located at the top of the right sidebar on this page. Registration opens on Wednesday, January 1 and will remain open until Monday, February 16 at midnight. Once registration closes, it will not re-open. If you have any difficulties or questions about registration, please consult East Tennessee History Day Coordinator Lisa N. Oakley at 865-215-8828, or by e-mail at oakley@eastTNhistory.org.

Note to teachers/parents: There is no registration fee for participating in the District Competition.

Entry Limitations:  The limits for projects per school instituted prior to the 2015 contest are still in effect. In each category, there is a limit of 2 projects, per grade level, per school. For example, a school may bring 2 Individual Exhibits per grade level, 2 Group Exhibits per grade level, and so on for each category. NEW FOR 2015 only the top 2 projects will advance from all district competitions to state (3rd place will serve as an alternate).

Paper entries: All students competing in the Paper category may submit their NHD Papers either by e-mail at oakley@eastTNhistory.org (please note "NHD Paper Entry" in subject title and please put the Title page, NHD Paper, and Annotated biography into 1 single file) by midnight Monday, February 16 or submit four (4) copies of their NHD paper POSTMARKED NO LATER than Monday, February 16 to the following address:

Lisa N. Oakley
Coordinator, East Tennessee History Day
East Tennessee Historical Society
P.O. Box 1629
Knoxville, TN 37901

Website entries: ALL WEBSITE ENTRIES ARE DUE AT MIDNIGHT, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, at which time, the district coordinators will close ALL student website entries for editing and distribute the website entry urls for Judging. Students will not be permitted access to the NHD Weebly Editor to make changes to their websites between February 17 and March 6.

MIDNIGHT, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16. Upload your final version for judging. Click here for complete instructions.

Contest Day Information
Registration: 8:15-9:20
Welcome Ceremony: 9:30-10:00
First Round Judging: 10:00-12:00
Final Round Judging: 12:15-1:15
Awards Ceremony: 2:15-3:30

Due to parking changes (see below), it will be a little more difficult than in past years especially for students who have heavy exhibit boards and props for performances. Students may quickly unload materials at the University Center. Cars may turn off of Cumberland Avenue (The Strip) onto Phillip Fulmer Way (the road that leads past the University Center and goes to Neyland Stadium) and pull over to the right lane and quickly unload. See links to map below under "Parking" if unfamiliar with the University Center. Vehicles may not be left unattended as the UT Police will be in the area, which is a construction zone. Students and parents can exit the vehicle with materials while the driver makes a lap around the University Center and parks the vehicle (see parking information below).

Where Do I PARK? Surface Pay Lot at Senter Hall (put 5.00 in YELLOW self pay box)
As a result of construction to the University Center, parking will no longer be available at the UT Univ. Center. For 2015, parking will be available at a Self-Pay lot that is located at the corner of James Agee Street and Clinch Avenue, on the same block as Senter Hall, which is located immediately behind (or north of) the James D. Hoskins Library. To locate this lot just north of Senter Hall, view the UT Parking Map (click here). You will want to zoom in/magnify the page. Follow the grid on the UT Parking Map that is designated by LETTER across the top and NUMBER to the left to find Senter Hall. Look for "K" and the line that divides "2" & "3" to find Senter Hall (Clinch Avenue to the north/14th Street to the east/White Avenue to the south/James Agee Street to the west). Parking is $5.00. There is a YELLOW PAY BOX that is located at the north side of the lot facing Clinch Avenue. Each parking space is designated by a number. Find your number on the box and slip $5.00 into the box. The first 2 rows facing James Agee Street are reserved (DO NOT park in these spaces.) The downside will be walking this year, but the positive will be there should not be long lines getting out to pay as in past years! 

There is also Limited Visitor Parking Available at Volunteer Hall Parking Garage (located behind the UT Law School and adjacent to the Self-Pay Lot) on the lowest level of the garage. Parking is very limited, likely to be filled early in the morning since classes are already in session, and may incur long lines. Therefore, for convenience, it is highly recommended to car pool if possible with fellow classmates and park in the Self-Pay Lot. You may receive the conference rate of $5.00 if you park at Volunteer Hall Parking Garage, but please make sure to have your parking ticket stamped at the "Registration Desk" (UT University Center, 2nd Floor) to receive the $5.00 university conference parking rate. Tickets without a stamp will be charged on a per hour basis.

All rooms for the competition are located on the 2nd floor of the University Center. Registration will begin at 8:15 a.m. and will be located outside of the UC Ballroom, where student exhibits will be displayed.

For a map of the University of Tennessee campus, click here.
Once you click on the link, click on the "Building Locator" and then scroll down and select "University Center (UC) to find the University Center and the UC's attached Public Parking Garage.

For a map of the floorplans of the Carolyn P. Brown University Center, click here.
Registration and all contest rooms are located on the 2nd Floor.

We gratefully acknowledge the continued support of our sponsors for East Tennessee History Day.
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
East Tennessee Veteran's Memorial Association
Indian Creek Productions
Knoxville Zoo
Regal Cinemas
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
Tennessee Smokies Baseball
University of Tennessee Press

Jenny and Randy Boyd are presenting sponsors for the East Tennessee History Day district competition. As a part of the Boyds' support, they sponsor a $500 East Tennessee History Day Award for a Junior Division project and two Senior Division scholarships (application required). The East Tennessee History Day Scholarship include a 1st and 2nd place award ($3,000 and $2,000 respectively), and the East Tennessee Business and Technology Scholarship includes a 1st place ($2,000) award. For more information on the Jenny and Randy Boyd awards and scholarships, as well as information on cash prizes for East Tennessee History Day, click here.

For more on National History Day in East Tennessee History Day, read our digital newspaper: The East Tennessee History Day Dispatch
If you have any questions about the East Tennessee History Day contest, please contact one of the East Tennessee History Day contest coordinator: Lisa Oakley at 865-215-8828 or by e-mail at oakley@easttnhistory.org

Please click the link above to see a full list of 1st-4th place winners.

Presented by the East Tennessee Historical Society and the University of Tennessee Department of History.
Thanks also to our presenting sponsors Jenny and Randy Boyd and Steve A. South.

Congratulations to all the participants of the district competition held on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville on March 7, 2014. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will advance to Tennessee's National History Day competition in Nashville (April 12), and then those placing 1st and 2nd at the state competition will be eligible to advance to the National Contest at the University of Maryland (June 15-19).


Ready for East Tennessee History Day???
History Day Thursdays! 2014 Schedule: January 8; January 15; January 22; February 5; February 12
Following the past few year's successful History Day Thursdays! afterschool student workshops, the East Tennessee Historical Society NHD staff is pleased to announce that we will be once again holding the widely popular workshops for the 2015 contest season. History Day Thursdays! will be held at the East Tennessee History Center from 3:00-5:30 p.m. and it is a wonderful opportunity for more focused NHD instruction to get ready for the district, state, and national contests. During the workshops, we can discuss the NHD theme and student research, as well as simulate competition day (i.e. set-up/take down time, interview & judging process, etc., etc.). Registration, which is as simple as e-mailing or calling the East Tennessee History Day coordinator, is required to reserve a 30 to 45-minute time slot. 

Registration is required to attend and it is as simple as calling Lisa N. Oakley at 865-215-8828 or by e-mail oakley@easttnhistory.org

East Tennessee Historical Society (ETHS) staff will provide free teacher workshops on the National History Day program. Schools and/or school districts are invited to schedule a workshop as an introduction to the NHD program and competition, or perhaps for more detailed nuts-and-bolts instruction, to go beyond the basic introduction to NHD to focus on researching and developing NHD projects (ETHS staff can model winning exhibit boards, documentaries, performances, and process papers with annotated bibliographies). If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, or just to talk more about NHD resources available in East Tennessee, please call Lisa Oakley (Co-Coordinator) at 865-215-8828 or by e-mail oakley@easttnhistory.org. Let us know how we can help!